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What are the main functions of the Department of Stationery and Printing?
Printing of budget and Budget related documents.
Printing of Audit reports, Appropriation of Accounts etc.
Printing of Calendars and Diaries for Government of Puducherry
Printing of Official Gazette, Extraordinary Gazette and Supplementary Gazette.
Printing of Official News Letters.
Printing of Invitations for Official functions.
Printing of Forms, registers etc required to run the establishment of all Government and autonomous bodies.
Printing of Brochures, Application forms, Question Papers in respectof Government Schools and Colleges including University of Puducherry and Puducherry Engineering College.
Printing of Letter Heads and Visiting Cards for VIPs and VVIPs

Do you supply stationery to organisations outside Government?
No. Supply is confined to Government Departments only.

How is stationery procured by the department?
The stationery is procured by a two stage tender process. The tenders are scrutinised with respect to quality at the first stage and the qualified products are listed for price comparison in the second stage. The tenders are published in important news papers.

What type of informations are published in Gazette?
Issues like;

various acts and rules of the Government of Puducherry;
republication of notifications of Government of India as required by Government of Puducherry;
recruitment rules of various cadres of staff of Government of Puducherry;
Acquisition of certain lands;
Withdrawal notifications of certain lands under the Land Acquisition Act.
Government notifications;
Tender Notices
Auction Notices;
Dangerous Establishments;

Can I publish my personal information in Gazette?
No. Only the notifications as required by the government are published in the gazette. However, issue of change of name is published as per the procedure laid.

Whom should I approach, if I want to get a free copy of gazette?
The free copy of gazette is only issued to Departments of Government, Quasi Government Organisation, MPs, MLAs and a few approved Organisations.
Gazette can be subscribed by individuals, firms, etc. as detailed below.
Current Annual Subscription Rates are as follows

Gazette Subscription rates

Ordinary Gazette - 802/-

Supplementary Gazette - 98/-

Extraordinary Part-I - 108/-

Part-II - 146/-

All Gazettes - 2,154/-

How to publish a notice of change of my name?
Request to be made to the Director, Stationery and Printing, Puducherry for publishing in Gazette.
Request to be accompanied by following Documents:

Original Affidavit signed in hand by Notary Public.
Attested copy of Ration Card.&
Attested copy of Birth Certificate
Attested copy of any document mentioned in the affidavit
Payment of fee as below
(i)Minimum Rs.60/- (Up to 120 words)
(ii) Rs.5/- for each word in excess of 120 words.
The publication is made with in three weeks of submission of the request with all the documents.

Do you undertake printing jobs for private agencies?
No. However, printing request of various autonomous agencies of the Government are undertaken at cost.

Can I get a job in Government press?
Yes. Certain posts of this department are filled by direct recruitment mainly from the residents/natives of Puducherry. Whenever such direct recruitment is undertaken, the vacancies are notified to the employment exchange and published in the newspapers.